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Where to get pit bike aftermarket parts

Pit bike owners have a common problem, spare parts for pit bikes are pretty rare and even if you manage someone that sells them they tend to be expensive. This is why there are a lot of aftermarket parts, this isn’t exclusive to pit bikes either the same applies to motorcycles, cars and other vehicles.

There are several advantages to pit bike aftermarket parts; one of them is the availability while original parts may be scarce there are lots of third party manufacturers that make the sa

me parts. The other advantage is usually the price, aftermarket parts tend to cost a lot less than original parts for a number of reasons.

It doesn’t really matter what kind of pit bike you have, chances are there will be aftermarket parts available for it but the problem is that not all parts are available by third party manufacturers but exhausts and engines are usually manufactured by them.

You will run into difficulties when you try to buy something like a carburetor, air filter, vent hose or something like that. These parts aren’t usually made by third party manufacturers so you have to order them from the original manufacturer.

When it comes to performance parts like the engine and exhaust you will usually have to pay a premium price if you want them to perform well. This is usually not only because the manufacturer chooses to set a higher price but because they have to because of the more expensive materials for example performance exhaust pipes are made out of titanium and it is not uncommon for them to have the two time price of an aftermarket exhaust pipe.

When it comes to handling the parts they’re usually exactly or almost exactly like the original parts, there shouldn’t be a need to change anything to make them fit.


The Rider’s First Dirt Bike

With the advent of mass media motocross has grown from a niche sport to a worldwide business. Sponsors like Red Bull and Monster Energy pay huge amounts to organize events and pay riders to wear their logos and brand names when they race.

Today more than ever dirt bikes have become affordable and pretty much anyone these days who wants it can afford a dirt bike. Don’t be fooled though if you want to be competition rider motocross is going to be a very expensive sport, but more about that later, for now we will just assume that you want to ride for fun.

If you’re young or someone who is wants to ride it would probably serve them best to get a dirt bike that isn’t very powerful. If the rider is very young, like a small child a 50cc dirt bike would probably serve them best. Even though it might appear like a 50cc dirt bike doesn’t have a lot of power, again don’t be fooled by its size it can be very dangerous.

Because of the danger you should never just let a child use a dirt bike unprotected, even professional riders ALWAYS use gear for a reason. Motocross is a very dangerous sport; most rank it under extreme sports. For gear you will need to get: a quality helmet is a must, especially if you’re riding on a track that has rocks in it, boots are also very important for proper handling of the gears and to keep the feet protected, pants also very important to keep you clean and more importantly to prevent anything from happening to your legs.

So as you can see motocross isn’t something you can just pick up on one day and start doing, you will need a good bike and more importantly good training and gear.

Why Motocross Is Loved

People who like motocross most likely like it because it’s extreme sport. It’s very exciting to watch how someone handles a two or three hundred pound motorcycle in extreme conditions.


A lot of people don’t know this but motocross is one of the most physically demanding sports out there, in a study it was shown that it was even more demanding than sports like basketball or football. When you think about it, it takes

a lot of strength to control a two hundred pound motorcycle with almost hundred HP at high speeds. Of course when you watch motocross videos you don’t feel it but the moment you start ridding you will feel it.

You need a lot of endurance to ride motocross, if you want to ride track it isn’t one of the things that you can simply pick up and start doing, you need strength in your arms and legs. An even more demanding kind of motocross is called enduro – as in endure, it is ridden off road and depending on the type you ride it is usually even more demanding on the body than normal motocross.

With the rise of the internet motocross has gained international popularity, but it is most popular in the USA, Australia and the United Kingdom. In Europe there is also a certain interest in freestyle motocross. One of the most popular shows in freestyle motocross are Red Bull’s X-Fighters which tour from country to country each year. If you’re not familiar with freestyle motocross unlike traditional motocross it’s aim isn’t racing, the main idea is to perform the best stunt usually in the air, the rider that does the best stunt wins.

Motocross is especially popular among younger spectators, for those who are a bit more adventurous there are also small bikes for younger riders ranging from 50cc to 85cc.