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Where to get pit bike aftermarket parts

October 21, 2011

Pit bike owners have a common problem, spare parts for pit bikes are pretty rare and even if you manage someone that sells them they tend to be expensive. This is why there are a lot of aftermarket parts, this isn’t exclusive to pit bikes either the same applies to motorcycles, cars and other vehicles.

There are several advantages to pit bike aftermarket parts; one of them is the availability while original parts may be scarce there are lots of third party manufacturers that make the sa

me parts. The other advantage is usually the price, aftermarket parts tend to cost a lot less than original parts for a number of reasons.

It doesn’t really matter what kind of pit bike you have, chances are there will be aftermarket parts available for it but the problem is that not all parts are available by third party manufacturers but exhausts and engines are usually manufactured by them.

You will run into difficulties when you try to buy something like a carburetor, air filter, vent hose or something like that. These parts aren’t usually made by third party manufacturers so you have to order them from the original manufacturer.

When it comes to performance parts like the engine and exhaust you will usually have to pay a premium price if you want them to perform well. This is usually not only because the manufacturer chooses to set a higher price but because they have to because of the more expensive materials for example performance exhaust pipes are made out of titanium and it is not uncommon for them to have the two time price of an aftermarket exhaust pipe.

When it comes to handling the parts they’re usually exactly or almost exactly like the original parts, there shouldn’t be a need to change anything to make them fit.


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